Next Track

Long Press Setup

Windows Setup

Use this application on your Windows PC or laptop to allow Next Track to detect long presses of the volume keys.

Requires USB debugging enabled on your Android phone or tablet

Simply download, unzip, and run NextTrackSetup.exe

You may need to reboot for the changes to take effect.

2.5 MB


Manual Setup

If you use Mac or Linux, or want to do this manually, here is the command.

You will need adb to run this command, it can be downloaded here: SDK Platform Tools
Download and unzip the platform tools. Open a terminal or command prompt and go to the directory where you downloaded the platform tools, then run the command below.

Grant long press permission (one-time setup)
./adb shell pm grant com.flar2.volumeskip android.permission.SET_VOLUME_KEY_LONG_PRESS_LISTENER

You may need to reboot for the changes to take effect.

NOTE: Xiaomi users may need to enable an additional setting in Developer Options. It's called "USB debugging (Security settings)" with the subheading "Allow granting permissions and simulating input via USB debugging"

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